Cpu core voltage in cpu-z too higher?

Hey guys I have a 955 x4 black edition, and it seems like when I set a particular cpu voltage in bios, cpu-z displays an even higher reading in windows. For example, I would set it to 1.45 in bios, and it'd show over 1.5 in cpu-z! Even when I leave everything at auto, cpu-z shows a 1.37 reading, when I believe my stock voltage should be around 1.25 or so.

Any ideas? It's making me scared to overclock in fear of frying the chip.
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  1. Whatever you set it at in the bios is what it will be, you can also check the voltages in the bios.

    Try downloading HWmonitor and see what voltage that reads at.

    Just keep an eye on your temps when overvolting, keep them safe and your chip shouldn't fry.
  2. I don't know if my hwmonitor is outdated or what, but it only shows a 1.64v reading, which is the voltage my ram is set at. I don't see my cpu voltage anywhere?
  3. Latest version are here -- http://www.cpuid.com/

    You could also try -- http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php

    Like I said before I'd go by the bios setting.

    Downoad OCCT, you can configue voltages and temps in that as well. Open up some of your other temp progs and run OCCT, if your temps aren't flying up over 70C then your ok, under 60C would be nice. OCCT 1 hr test is also good for testing OC's.

    Hope this helps.
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