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Hi everyone

I just finished piecing together my first custom built computer and I'm having some problems booting it up now.
I believe the problem is the power supply (Fusion 550) in my case (Arctic Cooling Silentium T1). The switch on the front of the computer is apparently connected to a small black and red wire ending up in a connector with 2 very small holes. I've been searching through all the documentation I could find and haven't come across anything on this. As of now, nothing happens when I press the switch on the front, and I can't figure out another way to turn on the PSU normally.

I've succeeded in starting up only by pressing the MemOK! switch on my motherboard (ASUS P7P55D PRO) which starts a memory tuning sequence, but first of all, nothing really happened from there, and secondly it's not really practical to use a pencil to poke my motherboard any time I want to turn on my PC.

Any input on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


EDIT: I realized that I had forgot to plug in the 8-pin power supply for the motherboard. The computer can actually start now, but the front power switch still doesn't work. Again I suppose it's just a matter of me not knowing where that red black wire goes... ^^
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  1. Look in your mother board manual for where to hook up the case power, reset, and HDD activity wires. These should all be roughly the same size and plug into the motherboard in the same area.
  2. For once I actually felt I had been patient with the manual but of course that clearly wasn't the case. Turns out it was a section called the System Panel Connector. Thanks a lot for your help. :)
  3. No prob man. Have fun with the new system!!
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