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Can I run W7 64-Bit?

I wanted to know guys if my computer could run W7 64-Bit version, if not, could you please tell me why and how I could upgrade to this version?

Here is my spec:

Motherboard: model 945GCM-S2C
CPU: Intel Core2 QUAD Q9300 2.5G SLAMX SLAWE LGA 775 OEM CPU
(if you need more info just tell me)

Thanks all!!
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  1. yes you can. assuming you have at least 2 gigs of ram and about 20 free gigs of space on your hardrive
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  3. I just couldn't find that information.... But w/e, thanks dude.
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    You can run it without issues!
  5. Allright, thanks for every answers!!
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