SSD for OS HDD for storage problems.. Help?

Hello, anyone who stumbles upon this!

Finished my first build a couple days ago! Everything is running pretty good.
Windows7 64
Asus M5A99FX Pro R.2 mobo
Samsung 840 250Gb SSD
Seagate 1Tb HDD
other stuff isn't important...

Now my irritating problem is that neither win7 nor the mobo is reading my HDD.
(Yes, I have triple checked that its plugged in correctly both SATA and power.)

I would say the HDD is defective, but when I first ran BIOS it detected the Seagate and it was listed in the boot order. Unplugged the Seagate then installed windows on the SSD. After installation plugged in Seagate, and it appeared under "devices with removable storage". which doesn't make sense to me that it recognized it as an optical drive...

I've tried searching the forums for a solution, but I haven't found anything that relates to my issue.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. So, assuming your using AHCI, does your computer, perhaps, see it as a hot-swappable drive? Does the drive function properly?

    I used to always use the Tom's Hardware method of putting my User files on the larger mechanical drive, but now that price-per-gig has fallen, I only have my Public profile there. I then use Public as the default for picture, music and video storage (and it already is for recorded tv) This lets my personal user profile take advantage of the ssd's speed. Oh, I also keep my games and steam folder on the hard drive but use a symbolic link to run whatever current game I'm playing on the ssd.

    Hope you get it worked out. Good luck.
  2. I got he excact same problem with my 830. i already upgrade the bios. is it set on ahci ?
  3. Go into disk management (in windows) and see if your hard drive shows you may need to format your seagate hard drive.
  4. Alright guys, I've run into a bigger problem. which sort of solves the first one.
    I've noticed that I'm only reading ONE form of storage drive. Whether the SSD, HDD, external, or even a flash drive.
    Both in BIOS and windows. BUT It recognizes my optical drive.
    Concerning SATA connections. It will read either SSD and HDD if they are plugged in alone.
    I took your guys' advice and checked to double check it see AHCI and my mobo automatically sets everything to that.
    I've played around with different SATA wiring configurations. Nothin. Plugges my USBs into all 2.0 and 3.0 slots.
    I know that USB ports aren't an issue because my keyboard and mouse run fine when plugged in to any port.

    So, I'm assuming this is a driver issue?

    Thanks for any help!
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