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i just built this pc,and well everything seems a bit off,really kinda new at this,but it was cheaper than just buying if any of you could look at my specs and tell me if i have the wrong part with the wrong part:) motherboard Asrock G31M-VS2
CPU Pentium wolfdale E6600@ 3.06ghz
(2x2)HyperX ddr2 800 @4-4-4-12
Gigabyte GT220 DDR3 1GB
Windows 7 ultimate
logisy 575 watt power supply
LG blu ray player.

i use this pc for everything,gaming(nwn1,2.dragon age etc.)music,movies(blu ray)and nothing seems to be the quality the parts say it should did i build it wrong?btw using a dell flat 20 HD monitor,and hdmi cable.thanks for any help.
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  1. Why did you build a LGA 775 system? That's a really outdated platform.

    Logisys PSU also isn't a very good idea.

    At least for gaming, your GT 220 is way outdated and is likely holding the system back.
  2. for true gaming you will need a better graphics card and a processor upgrade wouldn't hurt :) dont worry about "last gen" as its still pretty ok
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