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Temperature for Phenom 9750?

Hey guys,
I just wondered if my temperatures are normal...
30 degrees at idle and 37 at load with a CoolerMaster AM2+ fan.
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    That's awesome especially for those old ones. You've got a good 15*C+ to work with if you want to up your voltage for overclocking or anything like that.
  2. Well,
    That's great! I thought they were high :lol:
    I have just one more question....
    When gaming the temps go to 38-40 is this normal?
    The temps are lower when Im doing stuff like video conversion and editing.
  3. ^ah I see. Yes this is normal. Some games can have a higher impact on the CPU. Plus the hot air from the video card would rise up to your cooler.

    Typically when one says "on load" I assume they were stress testing using a program such as prime95. If your video conversion uses all your CPU cores 100%, I would expect your temperatures under prime95 to be about 40*C. This is still way lower than normal and nowhere near the "danger zone".

    My personal preference is to keep my AMD CPUs below 55*C on full load. I have a sythe Katana 3 for my overclocked Athlon IIx4 and it hits about 42*C on load, depending on how hot the room is. Right now it is winter.
  4. For Prime95 i get about 39-40 degrees.
    In the torture test 3 cores are fully utilized while core 1 stays at 0%

  5. Another thing which is weird...
    After about a hour of torture tests my temp is still a 30 degrees(WTF)
  6. Wow that is a couple of strange things.
  7. Anything wrong?

  8. Here is Task Manager during Prime95

    And, Moderators could you please change this to a discussion instead of a question?

  9. This is a Core Temp screen shot while browsing and the second one is Prime95.
  10. Everything looks normal to me
  11. OK!
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