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I had a Radeon 9200 graphics card installed, I ran a wire to my TV so I could watch HULU and such from my puter to my TV. Worked great, recently got a Wii and hooked it up to the net too, thru the wireless attached to same computer, it works. Now my computer won't talk to my TV. I can see that it the display manager sees it, but it won't show up on my TV?.
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  1. starting with the most basic of things (sorry, but some people are very stupid), but you have the correct input source selected right?

    now ignoring that, have you changed resolution at all?

    what kind of connection are you using exactly? HDMI? is it even a HDTV?

    how exactly do you see display manager if you have no output anyway?
  2. I don't mind I probably am stupid, I have a display manager on the computer that I tell it to detect the tv, and to clone display to it. It says it does, and appears to be doing so, exactly like it did before, but now it doesn't actually show up on the TV. I have played with resolution since, but not before the problem began, My TV is old fashioned. Only thing I did was make the Wii get online and talk to puter too. I am trying to think if I had to set it up in a way that would prevent it letting the display on my puter screen show up. Hey thanks for the input!
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