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So I'm about to build my first computer, which will be a htpc (no gaming, video editing, ect.) And I plan to buy windows 7 and word, but I want to know if I will need to get any other software upfront. Please don't include i-tunes, photoshop, I just want to have what I need to be able to go online and store files.
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  1. I would like to add.. all are freewares & almost essential for all systems

    1.Microsoft Security Essentials
    5.VLC Player
    6.Adobe Flash player.
    7. latest java version (both 64bit n 32 bit)
    8. Adobe PDf reader or Foxit Reader (Foxit -free and light weight)
    9.CDBurner XP( (Freeware to Burn Cds/dvds/Blurays)
    10.If needed you can install a PDF printer, CutePDF.

    Hope this helps..
  2. What's a safe site to download these?
  3. I like AVG free antivirus:

    No antivirus is complete without additional spyware removal:
    Spybot is awesome.

    I prefer win zip for archiving/unzipping. Ccleaner is good for driver removal.

    Never used CDburner, but I have used Magic iso, and imageburn. I find windows explorer is ok for most burning activities, but clunky to use. But I would choose something else for iso's.
  4. For computer testing or analyzing, CPU-z is essential:

    And gpuz:
  5. 1. Avira Anti Virus (security)
    2. Spybot Search & Destroy (security)
    3. Comodo Firewall (security and network usage control)
    4. Netlimiter (network usage monitoring)
    5. Firefox (web browser)
    6. 7-zip (compression and file split tool)
    7. CCCP MPC + Real Alternative (Set to DXVA) (media player)
    8. Java 32 and 64 bit (self explanatory)
    9. Flash player (self explanatory)
    10. Adobe PDF Reader (self explanatory)
    11. Magic ISO (burn DVD)
    12. CPU-Z (monitor cpu, optional)
    13. GPU-Z (monitor gpu, optinal)
    14. HWmonitor (monitor system)
    15. MSI Afterburner (quick OC of GPU, optional)
    16. HDtune (monitor HDD, optional)
    17. Auslogic defrag (defrag and optimise file distribution on HDD platter)
    18. WinDirStat (shows in graphic the folder usage)
    19. PureSync (sync folder)
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