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I hope some of you could help me. I have a laptop a Asus laptop with an Amd e-350 processor BUT it is slow, i just update to window 8.

more infomation can be find on

My Q is would it be quiter if i purchase a new HHD like a Momentus XT ? or would it not help at all?

Hope some of you answer :)
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  1. The biggest affect on performance speed is the amount of RAM it has. It shouldn't be slow with 4GB RAM, so if it's got less than that, add more RAM.

    For 32-bit Windows don't go beyond 4GB RAM as Windows won't be able to use all of it.

    For 64-bit windows you can install as much RAM as that laptop model supports, which is 8GB

    If it was quicker with Windows 7 installed, then go back to Windows 7.
  2. I already have 8 gb ram, and it is faster with win 8, but the Q would i be faster if it had a Seagate Momentus XT?
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