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I recently bought a corsair a70 cpu cooler. It's has extremely good cooling doesn't go past 60 deg C under full load after 3 hours. However, that thing is LOUD. I usually wouldn't mind this when I'm really taxing the i7, but when I'm just reading some email it really gets annoying.
Heres my setup:
i7 950 3.06 GHz
Asus P6X58D-E
Corsair a70 (double fans)

The a70 can only run at either 1600 rpm or 2000. To get 1600 (which is still loud but not unbearable) I have to install resistor cables, which isn't easy, I feel as if i'm going to snap my motherboard since the space between the cooler and the top of the case is so small. I have to stick my hand in there to plug the cables into the cpu fan socket.
My mobo comes with fan control. The problem is the a70's double fans don't do PWM.

My question is
how can i adjust the speed of my fans. I seriously do not need 2000rpm when just using email or facebook etc.
I've tried using the mobo's fan control and the program Speedfan. Both do not work, refuses to drop below 2000rpm no matter what I try.

Could I use a better program?
or would i be better off buying a fan controller (for voltage) or just buying a new set of pwm fans? Problem is those new fans will be pretty hard to install onto my heatsink.\

Thanks for reading
any help is appreciated
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