:( Problem with new hardware: MSI 890GXM-G65 + AMD Phenom II 1100T

My problem deals with a few different topics so I apologize if this is miscategorized, I just feel this is a motherboard/CPU issue.

I got this bundle deal as I was looking to upgrade both pieces of hardware. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.679668

After freshly installing everything yesterday, I didn't have any problems whatsoever...now, a day later, I'm seeing the following problems emerge.

1: When I start up the computer I cannot enter the BIOS...I never see an option, and when I press the key to enter it (Del) the startup process freezes and I'm forced to restart.
2: When I open a game (Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Fable 3, etc) in fullscreen, the game opens into a black screen. The sound works, and I can even click on things by guessing where the pointer is, but no visuals whatsoever, and I'm forced to restart.
3: When watching an online video (Youtube, Facebook, etc) there is no sound.
4: On top of everything, the computer boots up slower than it did with my old CPU/motherboard combo.

Note: I just used the Easy OC Lite that comes included with the motherboard to raise my CPU speed to ~3.8Ghz, no issues, no drastically noticeable change.

I thought I had missed some vital driver or something, but I can't seem to find any that I haven't already installed. I have no idea what's wrong so if anyone could offer any helpful input it would be immensely appreciated!
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  1. what is the default system has problems too ...?
  2. henydiah said:
    what is the default system has problems too ...?

    Are you asking if I had these issues with my old motherboard and CPU installed? No, and I didn't have them when I first finished installing the new motherboard and CPU. That's why I'm thinking it's an issue with the new hardware, and possibly how it's interacting with my existing hardware.

    Thought: could it be an inadequate power supply??
  3. Yes Psu can cause that, but I need detail Psu spec system and brand, ram and cooler. Overheat also can cause that
  4. Ok well I figured most of it out.
    1: I'm not sure why the comp would freeze when I pressed any key during bootup but I learned that I have to hold the Del key down when I turn on the computer to get into the BIOS. Worked fine, no more issues with that.
    2: Apparently Steam has had a black screen at launch issue for the past few years and it's just part of the Steam experience. I just have to run the games from their actual locations instead of using the steam client to launch them.
    3: I don't know what fixed it, but online videos have sound again...I think it may have just been the videos not loading all the way because of a slow i-net connection.
    4: Startup time has improved a bit, definitely a lot better than before.

    All in all, every problem I had has been, for the most part, corrected. I am definitely going to look into getting a new power supply because if there's any chance of that being the cause of those problems I'd like to upgrade it before it causes problems later on. Thank you for the insight, it is greatly appreciated :)
  5. Hmmm your system under oc 38ghz, First try clear cmos , unplug power ac from psu, find jumper cmos reset in motherboard (read guide your book for reset bios )
    - if success boot and go window uninstall soft Easy OC
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