Seagate hard drive folder not showing files


I am not able to view the folders in the hard disk, but in Run command i am able to view it..

Could you please let me know how to recover the same.

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  1. Try booting the hdd through linux , something like ubuntu. Its a freeware and u can TRY it and no need to install it. The files will show up when the hdd is accessed through linux. Cut the folder/files , create a new folder , paste the files/folder restart to windows and then try accessing the hard disk drive. The HIDDEN files shud be shown in the folder u pasted. I have recovered 2 HDDs in this method. While restarting if there is a disk check that runs please don't skip it. Linux is one of the best ways to recover the most bad ass hdd :)
  2. try connecting it as an external hard drive
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