The computer i built wont turn on...HELP!!!!

I have an Asus m4a88t-v evo motherboard and i am using a amd phenom ii x4 processor i have hooked up the hard drive, optic drive, cpu, power supply(20+4 pin and 8 pin) i have also attached memory compatible with the system.

when i turn on the power strip the standby light on the mobo comes on, however when i press the power button on the front it never starts up completely. i dont know if the button is ad or if i missed something or there is a trick to this but i am stuck.

i tried taking out the memory, unplugging some of the uneeded fans, as well as double checking all the connections. can somebody please help me out. if its any constellation the case i am using is a smilidon raidmax case with a 500 w power supply.
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  1. lol, you star hehe :P
    Chrck the troubleshooter at the top of this section for a run-through of steps, it may be you wired up the reset switch to the on switch header, a lot of options, work through that and post back if you still have issues :)

  2. Most likely - the situation is caused by the power button itself - double check the connection pins to the motherboard from the power button. refer to your Motherboard manual for correct pin numbers to place it.
  3. the connection from the power button to the mobo was correct but the button that came with the case was all screwed up so i fixed the button problem solved
  4. Glad you got fixed man :)
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