CF 5770 only gives me 17k 3dmarks06

okay here goes,
my system has a x16/x4 motherboard, I know that's bad for crossfire
running 3dmark06 with an i5 750, and crossfired asus cucore 5770
i only get roughly 17.5k 3d marks in total :CPU+GPU tests..
about how much more marks can I get if I upgrade to a dual x8 motherboard?

or is there something wrong here?
I ran the test fullscreen to ensure crossfire is on and I have 4gb of ddr3 ram.
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  1. my cpu has stock setting, i reset BIOS recently..
    EDIT: my cpu scored only 4K+ pts
    EDIT2: core i5-750@2.66Ghz
  2. right, what do you suggest I use? is ASUS turbo V good? up to what frequency and voltage?
  3. maxing crysis' graphics lags when there's too much things around, CODWAW has no performance issues with graphics maxed.
    I have the latest drivers for everything
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    It's usually a bad idea to use a windows application to overclock. Overclocking is usually done from within the BIOS. I believe the i5's are the same as an i7, to get to a slightly higher clock(3.2 or so) not much usually needs to be done, just raise the core clock a little. When you start getting into higher clocks(usually around 3.5 and beyond) you will need to raise the core voltage. This is where you can fry your CPU. Never mess with the voltages if you don't know what you are doing.

    Like dipankar said, if you are seeing no slow downs on games ect, you probably aren't going to notice much difference. Synthetic tests are just that, synthetic. But if you are like me and can't help but tinker, then by all means, go for it:) Go to this link, it's an overclocking guide.]
  5. thanks for the opinions, seeing as reviews say that x16/x4 2.0 PCIe boards have bad performance issues when running crossfire. how much of an improvement can I expect when upgrading to x8/x8?
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