Usb-hd keeps asking to format before use

due to my previous post aout having problems with my 320gb WD internal HD. For some reason it is show up on my girlfriends windows 7 laptop,the device driver was installed BUT a message keeps asking me to 'format E' before use.
Each time the message pops up it will show in disc management/device managr but it will go off.
I dont want to format it cos there is all my files on there...well i hope ther is :/
how do i get round this?

need urgent help on this as i dont want to disconnect the drive incase i cant get it to show again.

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  1. "I dont want to format it cos there is all my files on there"

    That's why you should always keep your files backed up on a second drive, in case the drive fails.
    All hard drives fail eventually no matter how much you look after them.

    Test it with "WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows":
    Select your hard drive on this page, then click "Available software" under the drive model:
  2. i know that now but after buying a big harddrive i thought id keep them on my laptop.

    thing is will it work because it keeps popping up 'format drive' i darnt disconnect it incase it wont connect again:/
  3. ive downloaded the program but i still cant use it becuse my hd wont show in it/ connect unless i format it
  4. ok so on from that,my enclosure arrived this morning and it wont work on my vista sp2 laptop BUT will work on a windows 7 laptop. Altho it wil connect on my computer,the roperties how as 0 bites used and 0 bites free? i then went to format it but it wont work?
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