White screen??

Hey Guys,
I bought
-AMD 1090T X6 CPU,
-2GB DDR3-1333 RAM,
-ATI Radeon 4 870 1GB etc

Then while im playing games like COD Moderen Warefare2 or AVP 2 I just suddenly get a White screen!!
I Can still hear the sound but I onley see white and cant do anything!!

I have to trip the power to be able to switch the computer on and then everything works till I play those games again.
If traid to reinstall but doesent work.

(Les demanding games like Warcraft, etc works fine.)

What can be causing this?? ?
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  1. check your drivers are those good one and stable drivers or not...
  2. The drivers I have on is the ATI 9.6 Drivers. Which is old. I just downloaded ATI 10.7. Will install them shortly. Thanx, I hope this works. :-)
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