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I play World of Warcraft on a outdated pc an so I now want to build 1 but the more I read around the more I see that people still have problems with the FPS . So any suggestions on what parts I should get that will get me reliable FPS while playing wow an stay around the 1k-1400$ mark
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  1. What resolution? Do you need windows 7? Monitor? KB/mouse?

    Where are you buying from? Do you have a microcenter nearby? Fry's? Do you overclock? How long do you keep your builds? Is WOW the only/main task you'll be using this for? Are you reusing any components?
  2. Theirs a microcenter about 40 min from me . I dont know jack about overclocking, Id like to keep it for awhile , WoW is the only online game i play other than that just browsing the web, 1280x1024 res gonna reuse the HDD an my cd/dvd/blueray burner
  3. In that case you can get a system to meet those requirements for ~600. Check to see if MC has any AMDX4+mobo deals (they typically do).
  4. Yeah for those needs grab a pre built from Microcenter, Use the savings to upgrade your monitor
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