Win7 open as if I had a dual screen setup - I only have 1

When win 7 open up, what I see on my single display is a desktop screen of a tipical secondary display that would be placed on the right of the main screen.

I go into desktop properties and I see that win7 detect and show 2 screens as if I had a dual screen setup. But I only have one 24" screen.

I always need to ask win7 to "detect" the screens again, then it automaticly delete the second "non-existent" screen.

My setup is Dell Sudio XPS 9100
I7 930
5870 geforce
12go ram
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  1. Download the newest graphics driver from AMD for your graphics card and manage your screen using CCC.
  2. Already (and always) have the lastest drivers. I also tried all sorts of config to make the pc remember to boot on my main screen, nothing worked so far...
  3. You go to CCC to set the screen settings. Don't use Window's.
  4. If I use CCC and press "detect Display", my screen automaticly become as if it was #2 of a dual screen setup, I loose all my icons and desktop material. I need to slide the mouse over untill I see it in the "new" screen, then use window utility to detect again, then windows delete it and I go back to my "standard" desktop.
  5. Did you install AMD Hydravision?

    Uninstall it if you have.
  6. What is AMD saying your second display is? You can set your current display as the first from the driver, but the wonder is what is AMD saying is your #1 display and what is supposed to be hooked to it. (Desktop Management mouse over the picture of the monitor and a popup should tell you the name of the display and what type of cable is being used)
  7. I don't see Hydravision nowhere...

    The second "virtual" display always comes back at each restart. It says CRT display. Then I ask the system or CCC to detect, then it goes away...
  8. Can u run Belarc to see the detailed info and post the log info?
  9. Is the "detect whenever Ctalyst Control Centre is opened" ticked and is your CCC set to start at Window start up?
  10. It was on "manual detection". I'll try it the other way...)

    I'm actualy unsure if CCC start at startup . I don't see any entry in msconfig...
  11. You may want to reinstall CCC then.

    I think if you select auto detect screen if CCC is opened and auto start CCC at start up, it will automatically select your screen setting so that you will have your screen now back as primary screen.
  12. Yep, re-install CCC again.

    Remove it first!

    Remove every part of a program completely. And than install again.

    The Windows uninstaller will not remove everything.

    U can use Your Uninstaller! or Revo Uninstaller.
  13. Thx, I'll try that...

    Standby :)
  14. I removed CCC and all it's components and did a fresh install - it does the same thing when I boot - but this time, it stays on my main windows screen while there's a "virtual" right hand screen that you can point the mouse to whitout seeing it... kind of anoying because the cursor always disapear on the right side... Or when you want to press the X to close a program, you always loose the cursor on the right which is getting on my nerves.... :pt1cable:
  15. Can u try the system restore and go back before it happened?
  16. I could... but I won't, since it's been like that for a while...
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