GeForce 7100, problems after updating drivers to latest!

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me.

I have a GeForce 7100 / nForce 630i and was having a problem where a lot of the time when the computer booted up it reset the Brightness/Contrast settings that I put in the NVIDIA Control Panel. I couldn't find an answer online so decided to update my drivers to the latest 258.96 drivers but I'm having far worse problems now! Whenever I boot up or reset the computer the screen is positioned a bit to the right and a little upwards. I changed it in the control panel but it resets it everytime I boot the computer up until I open up the control panel where it immediately changes it to the settings I input. The text on the screen is also different in that it is no longer clear with some characters looking a little blurred. It's almost as if all of the text has been set to 99% zoom.

Unfortunately I can't remember what my old driver version was, I think it was somewhere around the 150 mark. What driver should I be using? Or is there a way of automatically reseting my drivers to the version I was using previously?
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  1. LMAO I fixed it all by myself because I'm a ******* genius!!!
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