Windows didnt boot up succesfully and won't even in safe mode

then gives me options to start in safe mode with or without networking and with or without command prompt. No matter which I choose, it keeps bringing that screen up. I also tried f8 and tried every option there and it still brings me back to the screen that windows did not boot up properly. It was working fine, then shut off. I think it might have something to do with bearware a neighbor installed because later that day is when it shut down and hasnt booted back up since. I bought the computer at a flea market and have no boot disc. What can i do? Please help me
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  1. You can try resetting the CMOS to see if that helps. Just unplug the power supply, press & hold the case power button for a few seconds than remove the CMOS battery. Let the PC for 10 to 15 minutes, reconnect everything and try to boot back up. Hopefully it works, otherwise you might need to being looking for a "boot disk" for your system.
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