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I am looking for some advice on how to migrate my OS to SDD. This is my work PC so I cannot do a fresh install. I need to either do this myself, at home overnight, or lose my computer during work hours and fight with the techs to get them to help me install "non" standard hardware. These are the same guys that gave me this POS computer so I don't trust them. ( The HDD is clearly messed up and was when I received it and all they do is re-image )

I tried Norton Ghost and it produced a disk that had all the data, booted to the PGP screen but then failed. The source disk is MBR and the os is Win7.

If I shrink the source partition to 250 GB and copy it raw on another PC will that work? What software do you recommend for this? I just want to cut down the trial and error phase.
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  1. You Can't your encryption was designed to prevent this very thing.
  2. I am not saying I want to decrypt it. I want it installed with the same encryption a complete binary clone of the last one. Encryption is designed to prevent unauthorized access to the data, not the raw 0s and 1s.

    Anyway I decided to give the drive to IT and have them put a fresh image on it. I have plenty of time to re-install all the apps I want over my xmas break.
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