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Dell Pentium 4 Prescott Upgrade?

Yes, I kid you not. My sister's old Dell is in serious need of an upgrade, but she is low on funds. Looking up her service tag, it has the following:

Processor, 80546, 3.0, 1M, Pentium4 Prescott Dt, 800, E0
Dual Inline Memory Module 256, 400M, 32X64 8K, 184 (in Control Panel it shows 512 MB)

Is it even worthwhile to upgrade? She only uses it for general Web browsing and Microsoft Office. As far as I can tell, the Prescotts are LGA775, in which case what would be a decent upgrade for her - a Wolfdale E5500? And what about RAM, I'm assuming it's plain old DDR? (I guess I can call Dell for that.)

Anyway, if I was willing to sink $100 into it for her, would it be worth it and what should I do?
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  1. You most likely won't be able to drop a Wolfdale into her system, because of different power and chipset requirements.

    If she just does web browsing and microsoft word, than the system should be okay for her.
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    Spend some money on RAM, one or two GB should be fine... Don't even think about a CPU upgrade... Go to the Dell site and put in her Service Tag number, check the specs for what type and size of memory the motherboard can use...
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