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Cpu fan speed wayy to fast urgent help

hello my cpu fan got wayyyy to fast the other day i think its because my cpu heat sink fell off of the cpu and thermal paste is wiped off and i really need this computer fixed lol i took my comp apart yesterday like i took the cpu bracket off by unscrewing it and the screws wont go back into the mobo screw hole please help
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  1. my fan current rpm is 1950 and the other ones are at 998 rpm is that too fast ?
  2. thunderandawe said:
    my fan current rpm is 1950 and the other ones are at 998 rpm is that too fast ?

    It depends... do you know what size fans you have (in millimeters)? And what is your processor?

    But generally speaking, 1950rpms is a little fast for a CPU fan with the processor idle...

    It would be best if we knew the CPU temperature first, so I'd recommend you download and install Speedfan 4.42 from the link below to check your CPU Core Temperature(s). Make sure to get back to us when your done. ;)

    Alternatively, you can look in your BIOS, as it may have a section that displays temperatures.
  3. cpu temp is 30 to 37 celsius and i think the fan diamteter is 80 mm
  4. my concern is that my cpu bracket screws wont go in so the only thing holding the cpu is the thermal paste
  5. What type of cpu and cooler you have?

    If there is a risk of it falling off lay the tower on its side.
  6. have a 80 mm fan with a heatsink attached to the processor and its a amd athlon 4800+ and no i dont think ital come on when i put it with the mobo facing directly up
  7. what i need help with is getting it back into a secure state i cant screw in the screws and that makes me frantic i don't know what happend i took it off and now the heatsink just falls off the processor when i turn it on its underside. and when i re-line the screws with the bracket and where the mobo has openings in the bottom theres no screw grooves theres just a hole now
  8. whats normal temp for processors generally speaking
  9. thunderandawe said:
    whats normal temp for processors generally speaking

    37C is completely fine... the danger zone is 55-68C for your processor.
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    It sounds like you have removed the retention bracket that holds the heatsink in place.

    The retention bracket screws into a back plate the other side of the mobo, see pic.

    If this has slid away the only way to re align the screw holes is to remoce the mobo from your case and screw it back together.

    When you need to remove your heatsink you don't need to unscrrew the retantion plate you just release the clips that hold the heatsink on it.

    Lay the machine on its side, unplug and remove all components and then the mobo, you will then see the bacckplate and undersatnd.

    And if you then need to re-apply thermal paste to your heatsink this will help.

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