Cloning To A Smaller Drive

can i clone windows 7 from a 500gb hdd to an 80 gb hdd?
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  1. only if you have less then 80gb to clone
  2. And your software supports it (many don't)
  3. 1) Yes there is software that allows this - Easy-Gig-xx (xx= II, III, or iV - Cheap around 20 buchs for the SATA->USB adaptor cable) , Believe EasyUS (FreeBee) also provides this support. Just google these two programs. There are others just that I have used thes two.

    2) 80 Gigs sound like you are tring to go from a HDD -> SSD:
    .. DO NOT recommend cloning in this case, recommend a clean install.
    .. Currenly recommned a larger SSD. 80 gigs would be the absolute Min - I know some use a 60/64 Gig SSD. My current recommendation is 120 / 128 gig SSD.
    Reason: (A) you lose around 5 gigs right off the Bat as Formated capacity will be less and (B) a Min of 15% of the disk space MUST be unused so that Wear leveling, Garbage Collection, and Trim can work their magic to eep the SD close to manuf spec (performance. Recent artical indates 15% is not enough and recommends 20-25% of the SSD should be unused.
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