How to turn my PC into HTPC?

Hi everyone,

I'm considering buying the appropriate antenna and turning my PC into a HTPC. I have a dell 530 with a 300 watt stock PSU and ATI 2600XT GPU. I'm currently using this as my gaming PC (with a 550watt corsair and 4870 in it), but I might take those components out (and get a new gaming pc) and then use the orginal PC for HTPC use.

What are my options for making this PC be able to record HDTV? The only PCIe x16 slot the thing has is for the GPU. There is one PCIex1 and one PCI slot available.

What are my options?

Also I would prefer to be able to record 2 shows at the same time.

Some more Notes:

I have Windows Vista Home Premium is that makes any difference.
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  1. I'm thinking about getting this: This device should let me record 2 HDTV shows at once from what I understand.

    Would this being the only added thing to the stock Dell 530 w/ a 300watt PSU pose any issues? Am I missing anything here?
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