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I recently built a system with an Asus M4a88td-m motherboard with core-unlock technology. I bought an AMD phenom II X2 BE 555 CPU to fit the AM3 socket. After installing Windows 7 Pro and getting everything running stable, I successfully unlocked the two additional two cores in the CPU. Just 4 weeks later after a computer restart, I lost a core. So my questions are:

Is this a common occurrence with unlocked cores?
Is there a process to get the fourth core working again, or is it gone forever?
How did turning the computer off, then restarting cause me to lose 1 core?

The system seems to be running fine- I still have three cores running....
If there is a simple process to getting the fourth core running again, I might as well!

Please advise

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  1. No it's not a common occurrence since it's not very common to find the 555BE with unlocked cores either :)

    You need to go thru the unlocking process again to unlock the 4th core , you'll also need to check the msconfig to see that the core number is not limited to 3 or 2....

    And after unlocking a core or cores you need to put the computer under stringent stress tests to get a conclusive good core open result.

    The simplest way would be to first check the msconfig and see that all cores are allowed to be open and functional, also check the BIOS and see if all the cores are seen....
    Only then if it doesn't work, go thru opening of the fourth core again....
    After that I'd stress the need again to run stability and stress tests for the whole system, to be sure you've not opened a faulty core.... or you're going to have other problems later on.
  2. The CPU might need a bit more voltage, my 555 needed +0.025v to be stable.

    As Aly^ says, lock it up and un-lock it again then test with OCCT and Prime95.

    Coretemp will also show you how many cores are active.

    If it fails the stress test try upping the cpu voltage and re trying.

    Just keep an eye on your temps when upping the voltage, my 555 never goes over 60C under OCCT with good cooling.
  3. You could also have a flaky CPU and may have found out why AMD sold as a 555 BE vice a quad core model.

    Each CPU is rigorously tested by AMD, any that don't quite make the standard get modified for sale as alternate models, thus the whole ability to unlock.

    If you able to get the core back, good for you. If not, you got what you paid for.

    Good luck!
  4. Apparently AMD had a load of quads made and ran out of duals. Instead on making more duals they just locked a couple of cores on the quad. I guess if you get one of these your lucky. Mines stable 3.6ghz quad +0.025v.
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