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I have a brand new laptop as of a month ago. Asus S56A-BH51. It has been extremely slow since we got it, and have had lots of trouble with Windows 8. Now when I turn it on I get the same Reboot and select proper Boot Device that I have noticed is a problem on Asus apparently. Can anyone tell me in detail how to fix this? I am not a computer expert, so as much detail as you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. RMA it! That is a bad disc drive and the only way to fix it is a new disk. It probably got damaged, before you got it on the transport. ASUS or your dealers problem.
  2. With me I get that in my Asus U47a if I ever have it set in the BIOS to look for a bootable CD before looking for a bootable hard drive. Even with no disk in the optical drive it'll come up with that message. It boots to CDs fine. So I have to set the hard drive as the primary boot option otherwise I'll get that message
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