CASE MOD - "Hammered"

im modding my pc case. with a you see where this is going?

its an old case made of brushed metal and clear (well a lil purplish) sides and top.

it has a p4 3.2ghz, etc...but missing ram. this pc has been sitting in the garage, and i accidentally dropped a hammer on the top panel. CRACK!..
taking that idea a bit further!.i will smash (not completely obliterate, just crack, the sidepanels...and maybe dent the metal. and maybe rip off part of the cd drive's front plating...and maybe crack of a blade or two from the fan(s)...improve the ventilation, yaknow :)

pictures coming soon

fun! :bounce:
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  1. R-Reduce R-Reuse R-Recycle...? :cry:
  2. LOL Well Played Bargain the 3 R'S
  3. yah i will post pics :) turned out well actually
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