This is gonna sound stupid...but if i have a SSD and a HDD on my PC

How do i switch between them? i want to store most of my games on my HDD and my active games/program on a SSD. How does that work? do i get to select which drive to pick each time i want to download/install something? and how do i switch between them? do i need to select something and than restart my computer? also should i have a ssd as the primary hard drive or secondary? Thanks in advance!
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  1. The way you ask this question makes me think that this may not be the best solution for you.

    Have you looking into something like Intel SRT or Sandisk readycache? They use an SSD to accelerate your most frequently used data so you don't have to manage or worry about where your data goes.
  2. The ssd (c:) is your primary hard drive, the hdd is your second drive (d:). Disconnect the hdd, before you install windows to the ssd, to make sure it will become your boot drive. Every time you install or save something, you get the option to choose the "path" and that includes the drive letter (c: or d:).
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