What SSD is right for me.

I am doing my first build. I am looking at a SSD for bootup and other applications. I have some concerns about the life of the SSD drives. I use my computer for entry level networking, media, mild gaming, small business. I plan on using the drive as a boot drive and my primary applications.

I have read that a lot of drive are not lasting as long as what they should. If I limit the writes to the drive will this be an issue for me?
Is there any type applications that I should avoid installing to this drive.
I have read a lot of mixed reviews on almost every brand of SSD, I am leaning towards a OCZ Vertex 4. Any suggestions?
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  1. If you are concerned about the life of the SSD, then avoid to get those with TLC NAND tech, which wear out faster than those with MLC NAND tech.

    For what you´ve described as your usage a SSD with 120/128GB should be enough -- I have a Samsung 830 128GB, which I use for OS (boot) and most of my software, and some games. It still has more than half of its storage capacity, but of course I have a 1T HDD for storage. If you feel that it is not enough you can get one with 250/256GB.

    OCZ Vertex 4 is an excellent SSD, based on performance -- OCZ Vector 256GB is even better!

    Another good option, not so expensive is the Samsung 830 Series, both 128 and 256GB.
  2. I think the issue was with early drives not supporting TRIM and would get slower over time. Current SSDs all support TRIM and/or have built in garbage collection systems that keep them working fast over time. The Sandforce 22xx series will lose some performance after the drive is completely written. The Vertex 4 and others like it will return to close to out of the box performance.

    Either way, it will be a huge difference. I actually use a 60GB agility 3 and a 2TB drive for media. works fine.

    The ONLY app I would be wary of is a high traffic DB but that's more of a corporate concern. I don't think consumer usage of DB's would fall in that category. Besides, I don't know if you could really limit writes- the OS will be doing them whether you like it or not.
  3. I would suggest Crucial M4, Samsung 830/840 (840 newer version), Intel 330. All are very reliable. Intel 330 is the oldest but very reliable. I have 2 - Intel 330 180 GB's ... I love them.
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