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ESATA question. How to hook up?

Ok so i just got the CoolerMaster HAF 932 case and It's got a eSATA connector on the front panel. All i see is a regular looking SATA wire coming from it. Do i just hook that up to a regular SATA port? Come on guys it can't be that easy to have eSATA. Don't I need some kind of eSATA socket on the mobo for eSATA?any help would be nice. If it just hooks up to a regular SATA port then im going to have a cow lol.
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  1. Looks like you're going to have that cow afterall :)
    Yeah, you just have to plug it into the Sata Port on the Mobo and it'll work fine.......
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    Hooking it up IS that simple. Unless you have your mobo SATA ports configured as AHCI though, it won't be hot-swappable, meaning you'll most likely need a complete power-cycle to connect a drive to it.
  3. holy crap haha. who thought it was that simple. Thx guys :)
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