Running OS on one HDD and everything else off of other HDD

I have recently installed a new 40gb hard drive and installed windows onto it. I cqn boot just fine and it runs just fine off of the new OS, but it won't recognise that all my programs etcare on the original drive. The programs run fine when I select them in program files folder but don't show up in the start menu
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  1. The programs still need to be installed from within the OS on the smaller drive, unless you want to manually go in and copy the Start menu directory tree from one drive to the other, and then also manually edit each shortcut's path to make sure it's correct. Often times you also find larger programs, like MS Office, may not function properly if you try and run them from another drive where you installed it under a different OS. You should reinstall each program and just point it at the other drive when asked during the installation process.
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