Bottleneck gt 9800+E6750?

Hello,i got a C2D E6750 with a 9800GT 512.
In World of warcraft i got 60fps using all low settings in a quite place. Also, the fps drops hard low in some situations. Could be a bottleneck?
Should i change my cpu for a q8300? or the video card for a Gtx460?
Btw, my psu its a TK 430Wts RMS
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  1. PS: Res=1440x900 Multisampx1
    Settings=All low

    Swiching between High and low settings i didnt see an improv... On high settings the fps drops offten low, but on low they still droping really low too.
    Looking GPU-Z sensors the gpu load on high sets its 50% promed. The same about the mem

    Can some one help me plz?
    Srry about my english isn't the best XD
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