Dell 1545 laptop not starting at all what would be the problem

:sweat: my dell 1545 is not starting at all plz help , what be the problem
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    IF you mean when you press the Power button and nothing happens then it requires service. Try pulling out the battery and only use the A/C power; if that fixes the problem then time for a new battery. Also see ->

    IF it's under warranty then contact Dell for an RMA ->

    IF you're out of warranty then the cost of repair vs cost of replacement might be a consideration.
  2. i have given it to my friend he says that , IC is gone it needs replacement
    would there be any problem of IC
  3. my laptop dell 1545 it was not starting at all , even after removing battery out of it and plugging directly, i gave it to my technician friend he told me that I C has gone
    would there be problem of i c , what could be its solution .... plz reply guys its urgent .....
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