High Temperatures/Case. To open or to close?

Hey, how you doing?

I can't seem to find an answer to this simple question.

Is it better to open your case (you know, most cases have a removable side, so I have always assumed it would be better to open it to cool down the tower)


Is it better to leave it closed
(as I have read somewhere that the case is designed to have optimum airflow, therefore lower temperatures)?

I live in Australia, and the temperatures are going to soar as summer has started and I am trying to anticipate crazy heat.

I have an Antec 900 2 case, and have noticed over prolonged gaming sessions (thanks Medal Of Honour) that my fan is going six to the dozen (noisy bastard too). I currently have my case closed as I would not want to increase the chance of dust and *** getting into the case, but would like to know a definitive answer (if there is one!).

Thanks for your time, I appreciate all theories.

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    Keeping the side panel open is not going to provide cooler temperatures.. It might actually increase it.. The primary reason being, uneven airflow.. Why do you think so much time and effort is put into designing cases..!! A good case has properly directed airflow scheme.. The cooling efficiency will depend on various factors such as design, type of fans used, component setup etc.. The Antec 902 is pretty good in all those departments and is one of the better known cases based on air cooling.. Looking at your rig, it should not have any problems in keeping it cool (without removing the side panel of course)..
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  3. Thankyou for the quick reply guys!
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