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5850 xfire with 5770

Can I crossfire a 5850 with a 5770?
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    No,the cards have to be the same(or for ATI cards,sometimes you can CF 2 cards from a same family like CF'ng 4780 with a 4850),check out the SLI/CF FAQ(link in my sig) for more info.
  2. well, if the same family thing is correct, then I should be able to xfire my 5770 and 5850...
  3. Both cards must be based on the same chip architecture.

    You can either XFire your HD 5770 with another HD 5770 or the slower HD 5750.

    Don't trust the advise you are given? Then buy the HD 5850 and find out for yourself.
  4. no, the 5850 and 5770 are not the same family.

    you could use a 5850 with a 5870, or the 5770 with a 5750. but you cant use a 58xx with a 57xx
  5. By the same family i meant a 58xx card with another 58xx card like HD 5850 and HD 5870
  6. Hey, sorry... buy family I thought you meant the 5xxx but you mean cypress and juniper etc... and I trust the advice I'm given, I was just curious why... thanks
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