ASRock Z68 Extreme4 vs Gigabyte GA-Z68-UD4

I am slowly but surely upgrading my current 680i build I did way back in 07. I am set on the 2500k and would like to pair it with a Z68 motherboard, and the 2 boards I've narrowed down to are the ASRock Z68 Extreme4 and the Gigabyte GA-Z68-UD4. Both are very similar, one having a coax and one having an extra PCI-X slot. I like my H67 board I have in my HTPC from ASRock, I haven't had ANY problems with it since I got in in May. I have never had a Gigabyte board before, and always used EVGA products in the past, but since Microcenter doesn't have an EVGA 1155 motherboard, I am setting for these 2 brands.

Question is, are the caps on the ASRock board better than the Gigabyte ones? ASRock has the ASRock DuraCaps which last 2.5x longer. I tried to research whether the caps they use are the same as the regular Japanese Solid Caps used in the Gigabyte, but no answers.

Second, whats the coax on the motherboard for?? TV? lol.

The Gigabyte board looks nicer (all black) while the ASRock has ugly blue and white expansion slots... which are really cosmetic and are purely for taste.

In terms of the BIOS and OCing, which I hope to hit at least 4.5GHz, which brand would be better to go with for that.

I will not be doing Tr-SLI, I will however be wanting to upgrade to SLI in the future, so a third PCI-X is null.

Things I will be using the PC for:

Browsing the internet with 80 tabs open (lol)
A little Maya

Parts I have:

8GB RAM 1600
p190 Case
H70 Cooler
560 Ti
X-Fi Fatality Soundcard
1920x1200 Monitor
1000w Antec PSU

Thanks! <3

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  1. The vCore is slightly better on the ASRock Z68 Extreme4, but if you can swing it look at the Gigabyte UD5 P67/Z68.

    Review these spread sheets, in particular the set with 'OC Voltage' aka vCore ->
  2. I want Lucid Virtu, so the UD5 is out.

    I am curious on how one guy did 5.3GHz on 1.32v... :P

    The Extreme4 is looking sexier, but it has 10 phases VRM. The Gigabyte has 16 phases. Not too sure what that means... is lower better or is higher?
  3. The ASRock board has a PLX chip on it, which means you won't need to give up some ports or slots if you use others. Is that also true of the Gigabyte board?
    I've used quite a few ASRock boards, although mostly AMD, and none ever failed or gave me any grief.
  4. Don't know now, I know both ASUS and ASRock use PLX {PEX/OX} chips. Gigabyte and others have similar switching and in the past used PLX.
  5. Sadly, Microcenter doesn't carry that board :( Although its above my budget limit as well. I did not know they made a new line of boards with Lucid Virtu.

    jtt - In terms of? I did not know you had to give up ports or slots to use others... I heard if you used a front port USB 3.0 you cant use the ethernet controller... I forget which review on what board said they can't... is this what you mean? Its not like I would use all 4 USB 3.0 ports and all 7 or so USB 2.0 ports at the same time anyway... lol
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