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I have a Gigabyte GTX-460 1GB that I just purchased for a new build upon this forums recommendation. I don't plan on doing any gaming but instead some light CAD/CFD. Should I return the GTX-460 for something like a FirePro V4800? Will there be that much of a difference? Both cards support DirectX 11 and OpenGL. Will the 50-60 bucks I'll save be worth the hassle of RMA? Can both cards be installed on the same mobo? Thanks for the help.
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  1. Workstation cards do have differences from gaming cards. Since you're not doing any gaming, it's adviseable to get a proper workstation card such as the FirePro V4800. I have limited knowledge on workstation cards but I gather that they have a very different set of drivers that is optimized for professional applications like CAD so you will see a benefit in those apps. It should be an easy swap to replace it.
  2. Yes... you should exchange it. Workstation cards are built for stability... and as noted, they have a very different set of drivers specialized for workstation programs (as appposed to GTX drivers optimized for gaming)
  3. Will it make a difference if I won't be using professional software? The CFD/CAD is just a small hobby.
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