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I've been considering using a build for DAW and gaming. My question is, how should I setup three SSDs and a HDD for best performance?

Currently, I have:

-OCZ Vertex 4 128GB
-Samsung 830 128GB
-Samsung 830 256GB
-7200 1TB HDD

I would prefer using one SSD for OS and apps such as Reaper, Superior Drummer 2.0, etc. for music and Steam for gaming. One SSD for samples and other for games. I would use the HDD for audio projects and other data. Is this the right path?

Also, I would be using Windows 8.
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  1. yes it's the right path... but I would use windows 7 64bit

    use the 256GB for the OS because you're gonna end up filling it near capacity (should not be more than 80% full) eventually
  2. I believe with the OS and a few programs, 128GB should be enough. The game library is much bigger. Perhaps the 256 SSD would suit that best. Should I install VSTs and Plug-ins on the OS drive?
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    depends if you're going to follow some tips and tricks for SSD's, like moving the cache off the boot drive,etc...

    if you think you won't add more than roughly 70GB of data to the boot drive, then use the 120GB - remember Windows with all it's updates can be roughly 30GB alone, if not more, and remember not to fill it more than 100GB for garbage collection
  4. Pardon my lack of knowledge, but what optimizations should I consider before the setup and why?
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