Samsung HD103UJ behaving very strangely

I have a 1TB Samsung SATA HD103UJ that is behaving strangely. I used to run it in a 3-drive dual-boot system (all SATA) with it and an Intel SSD being the two bootable drives.

When I try booting off it, it goes into recovery mode, but never seems to get anywhere as it acts very slowly. There is a slow quiet semi-regular ticking sound off it.

When I boot into the Intel SSD with this drive connected, that system also behaves extremely slowly, and eventually gets to a Windows 7 login. I can log-in, but the system behaves very slow on anything IO-related. Disk Manager never shows up (or I didn't wait long enough), E: driver (where it is mapped) is visible in Windows Explorer, but trying to access it fails. The slow quiet ticking sound persists. At the same time the third disk is accessible fine.

If I boot into the Intel SSD without this drive connected, it is fast as usual. If I then hot-plug in the Samsung HDD it isn't recognized (not sure I have the latest motherboard / SATA controller drivers installed though so maybe whole hot-plugging of SATA is not supported, it is a fairly fresh Win7 setup).

So I would think it is just the Hard drive malfunctioning a lot, but this times strangely with my on-board sound card malfunctioning a week or so ago. Could it also be the motherboard?

Any ideas what to do?

I don't have access to another computer to try it on :(.
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  1. I have an Asus P6T based system. I tried to find some Samsung tool for hard drive diagnostics but couldn't so far.

    I think tomorrow I will try installing the right MoBo drivers from Asus (JMicron JMB36X and Intel Matrix Storage Manager seem like the right keywords) and see if I can hot-plug it in when booted on from SSD, and if it helps any.
  2. the drive is toast. time to replace it.
  3. Okay, but any advice how to get the maximum amount of data off it?
  4. I installed the latest MoBo drivers, didn't seem to help at all. Intex Matrix Storage Manager didn't install though, said it is incompatible with system, but I think that is just a RAID tool.

    I can see the disk in Disk Management after booting from SSD, but attempt to map a drive letter to it says "The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management Console is not up-to-date. Refresh the view...".

    SeaTools for Windows tests found the disk with some difficulty and say:
    SMART - Pass

    I'm trying the other, longer ones.
  5. Short DST - FAIL

    SeaTools Test Code is: 6C9AC2A4

    Suggests that SeaTools for DOS can fix problem sectors. I will try that.
  6. SeaTools for DOS failed. Found 2 errors, but couldn't fix them. And then even declared it is not a Seagate disk or something.

    I'm out of ideas, probably have to consider all data lost.
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