CPU phenom II x4 965 803mhz

This is my phenom cpu using CPU-Z and well it only has a core speed of 803 MHz. I'm using GA-880GMA-UD2H mobo 4 gb ram gigabyte gtx 460 supper oc. Just checked out some other screen shots of this and it should have 3400+ mhz speed... well my cpu reaches the 3400mhz mark when I play a game or something but I am still wondering why does it stay at 803 mhz most of the time? I'm wondering is it good / bad? Is it some kind of power saving mode? What should I do?
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  1. You must have cool n quiet enabled in the bios, turn it off if you want your cpu to run full speed all the time.

    Otherwise it seems to be working fine if it speeds up when needed, after all that what it does. :D
  2. ^+1 cool and quiet slows the CPU to 800MHz when its not doing anything to save power you can disable it but theres not much point unless you are overclocking
  3. I have an AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ the stock 3.0 ghz, with cool and quiet enabled it runs at that same figure 803.6 MHz when not under load.

    As beanoslim has said this is because of Cool n Quiet. My recommendation would be to leave it as is rather than turning it off in bios. It reduces the power used, heat generated by, and energy wasted of your computer. And i have noticed no impact on performance because of it.
  4. Yeah cool and quiet and probably C1E are both running like everyone else said if your not overclocking it will just wait until you need more power.
  5. Mmm... And do graphic cards have this mode to? If so how to disable it?
  6. There are quite a few progs that control graphics card fan speeds, ATI and Nvidia have there own, GPU tool, Rivatuner, MSI Afterburner etc etc.

    You don't want your card fan running full pelt all the time especially if its a stock cooler, too loud.

    You need to monitor your temps under load and adjust accordingly.
  7. It has to be the Cool'n'Quiet because at 803MHz, your system would take literally forever to start up Windows. :sol:
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