Installing a Hard Drive with static sleeve?

I have an HP Laptop DM4-1265dx that has a hard drive that needs replacing. The hard drive installed in the laptop has this anti static sleeve that it sits in while inside the laptop. I am wondering if I need this sleeve for the new HDD I'm installing?

Here's a link showing the sleeve I am talking about.

I don't want to cause any overheating of this new HDD due to this sleeve. Is it necessary to use?
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  1. you should install an SSD, and not a HDD - you'll easily get a 40% boost in performance overall
  2. I agree but I'm on a budget with this laptop, the SSD is going on my gaming PC. I just need to know if this static sleeve is necessary.
  3. Does anyone know if I need the sleeve
  4. probably not... Unless it's implementation is because of poor design of grounding
  5. You know what, I think its just a cheap stock caddy and has nothing to do with grounding it lol. Took me a whie to figure it out. Thanks for the help on my noob question.
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