This is the build. I am only going to use it for GAMES. NO music. NO photos. NO movies. Just GAMES. I already have a mouse, keyboard, old monitor, speakers, and XP.

GPU+CPU: $200.98
RAM+PSU: $156.98
CASE: $39.99
HD: $54.99
CD/DVD: $16.99
MOBO: $59.99

TOTAL (w/ shipping): $536.69


1) Are all the parts compatible? (i.e. the PSU and the motherboard, fans, etc.)

2) Are there any reliability issues that I am overlooking? (i.e. a bad brand or manufacturer)

3) Will my case provide sufficient airflow or will I need more fans?

4) If I stick with stock defaults, will I need a cpu cooler?

5) Finally, does this build have a good upgrade path?
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  1. ^ Nice build...
    1) Yes, they are...
    2) I dont think so, ASRock is a decent brand
    3) Yes that looks like a decent case, also that GPU cooler would exhaust the air outside the case, so no issues...
    4) NO you wont need the cooler.
    5) Yes, as you can add even the 6-Core CPU later on if you want to...

    Some options
    X4 445 + Biostar 785G

    HIS HD 5770 + OCZ 16GB Pen drive

    RAM - Mushkin Silverline 4GB DDR3

    CASE + PSU - Silverstone case + Silverstone 500W PSU

    HDD, DVD Same

    Total - ~$490 not including shipping...
  2. Thank you for the quick response. I love your build as well. Quick question for you, will my case have good cable management?
  3. ^ I dont think you would have any issue, but I done see any cutouts for the wires on the mobo though also the top mount PSU...
    Check out the Rosewill Challenger or NZXT EVO or Gamma...
  4. ^ Just noticed that TOMs use the same case in their SBM, here is the article, you can check out how the assembly would look like...
  5. I figured a top-mounted PSU would be the best considering heat rises. But will the PSU fan be in a good spot to exhaust?
  6. ^ That doesnt have vents on the top though...but if the case has top vents, then mounting the PSU at the bottom is fine, also cable management is better wit bottom mount IMO...
  7. just a thought. I don't fully trust the Biostar Mobo in GKay's build.

    If you want a smallr motherboard, there is an ASRock 880G for the exact same price as your 770. It lacks a second slot for crossfire, but since the 770's crossfire slot is an x4, you probly don't want to use it for that anyway :)

    If you can swing an extra $15, this version of the 770, at $74.99 has SATA 3 and USB 3, which may be useful in 6 months to a year for upgrades to HDDs and external devices.
  8. ^ I wont say Biostar is a very good one, but I can say for sure that it is a decent one if you will not be tinkering/ overclocking your PC...
    Had built a PC for my friend using a Biostar 790GX about a year ago and is still working fine without any issues...
  9. yeah, they're OK.

    no name brands like Jetway are down at the bottom, then ECS, Foxconn & Biostar at a 'bottom tier', MSI, AS Rock, and Zotac in the middle, then Gigabyte and Asus at a top tier
  10. ^ Agree with most of it, but I would rate MSI above ASRock and others and just a tad below Gigabyte and ASUS...
    They have improved a lot in the past few years...
  11. For a HD5770, you could use a 430W Earthwatts, but that combo price is pretty good.
    I also like ASRock, or Asus. I don't care for MSI, although that may be for past issues; I'd try them again. I also look for things like all solid caps, reasonable heatsinks, and a decent number of power phases to help select a quality motherboard.
    Anyway, please don't worry about all this niggling; it could go on for weeks. Your original build will do just fine.
    If you want to adjust your budget (down or up), let us know the resolution of your monitor and the games you play to get the most appropriate suggestions. Otherwise, you're cleared for takeoff. Enjoy it.
  12. I have an old monitor. Like probably 8 years old. And I'm going to play Starcraft 2 and Empire: Total War on it. I know that the monitor doesn't cut it, but I think I could still use it on max settings on a lower resolution. Also, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't need Win7 because I don't think it would make a difference with those games. I could be wrong.
  13. Ut oh! There is a problem I just noticed.

    The PSU intake (I think) is on the top and the case doesn't have a top. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that mean that the intake fan will be pressed up against the top of the case? Meaning, it will suck in nothing.

    Now, the real question is... can I turn the PSU upside down? Or, is that not a good idea?
  14. Boomer Jetson said:
    Ut oh! There is a problem I just noticed.

    The PSU intake (I think) is on the top and the case doesn't have a top. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that mean that the intake fan will be pressed up against the top of the case? Meaning, it will suck in nothing.

    Now, the real question is... can I turn the PSU upside down? Or, is that not a good idea?

    the PSU will work in any orientation :)
  15. Great Build i see you took my recommendations... I am ordering something identical to that today. i am new beginner so i dont even know how to aseemble it. do you know how to assemble it?
  16. ScrewySqrl said:
    the PSU will work in any orientation :)

    Are you absolutely sure? So, it will work at its full potential, even though it is upside down? Will the fan pull from gravity and make some noises?

    If it's a problem at all, I can switch to the Rosewill Challenger case for ~$15 extra.
  17. any difference from the fan pointing up or down is incredibly minimal. The fan on the interior of the case is an intake fan, Gravity shouldn't affect it. If its in the top, it sits on rails and is screwed into the case. If it sits on the bottom, then its still screwed in and is held by gravity. The PSU itself won't move. Its designed to take in hot air and blow it out the back
  18. Uhm Your Cd Drive doesnt look so good from the reviews read them... most were DOA or stooped working after a week....

    And can someone tell me if this is a good build also?

    Case+Ram http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.492964
    HDD+PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.492759
    GPU+PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.500403
    Mobo http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157176
    Cd Drive http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827136180

    i dont mean to steal your thread. But i need to order my build today so i want to mak sure guys how is my build? is it good? Everything Compatible?
  19. Okay thank you. Minimal will have to do.
  20. Japjeev, this is the second thread that you have interrupted. Why not make your own and stick with it? Please stop.
  21. Sorry dont mean to interrupt but i am saying u might want to check out your dvd burner reviews dont look good and i put my build there to compare which would be a better one and where u can save money...
  22. Yes, but you have done this same thing in my last thread. That was one of the reasons why I started a new thread (because you took some of the spotlight away from my build). On the other hand, you are right, that optical drive is bad. I thought I changed it. Guess not. Thank you.
  23. @japjeev, looks good.
  24. Question!: on the PSU's it says it has a 20+4Pin main connector. Is that the plug that goes into the MOBO? Also, will the 20+4Pin fit snug in a 24 slot? I know 20+4=24, but I'm not sure how the compatibilities work.
  25. Okay boomer sorry and to your question yes it will fit. The PSU company made it so it can work for both old Mobo's and Newer ones. so yes it wil fit
  26. Thank you japjeev.
  27. so did you order your system?
  28. No I have not order my system yet. Why? Did you?
  29. yes i did on friday. i got a great deal and i got a 4870 since dx 11 and eyefinity arent my concern. so a 4870 suited me the best
  30. Let me know when you get all your parts. I'd like to know how the assembly went and also how satisfied you are with all the parts.
  31. sure no prob. I hope everything is right and nothing is DOA
  32. So, what's the update?
  33. well i got my parts today and well i am going to aseemble it by today so tonight i will tell you if it works or not
  34. Sounds good. I'm excited for you. I hope all goes well. Keep me posted.
  35. Woot OMG i love it. nothing went wrong everything worked on the first try and with the quad core its so Effing fast. OMG and i havent tried a game yet. since i just installed OS and stuff but man i love woot
  36. Sweet!! Please post your exact build. And let me know if you had any assembly quirks or tips. Thanks man.
  37. No Problem
    here is the build and i will get some good and see what i get

    AMD ATHLON 640 QUad COre 3.0 Ghz
    4Gb DDr3 Gskill ram 1333 mhz
    Asus Motherboard this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131406
    Rosewill Blackbone CAse
    OCZ 600W power supply
    500 GB Western Digital Blue
    ATI 4870

    FInd SOme Decent COmbos with those and you will save A lot. my build was $516 with shipping included
  38. Why did you choose the 4870 instead of the 5770?
  39. ^ If you will be playing mainly MMOs and other older games, then the 4870 would perform better than the 5770...If you want DirectX 11, then only the 5770 would be a good choice...
  40. Thank you gkay09. How many newer games actually use DirectX11? And... when will all the new games switch over to DirectX11?
  41. ^ Most of the new FPS games use DirectX 11, but famous MMOs like SC2 and others still have not made the shift as they are targeting wider audiences but I think nearly all the new games which will be released will go DirectX 11 route...
  42. Okay thank you gkay09. I just got done reading a blog about what directx11 does. It was awesome! I'm pretty sure I will stick with the 5870... or I might just hold out until tax time and then build. By that time the new 6xxx series will be out, right?
  43. ^ Yes most probably...
    By October it is sure that a HD 6xxx series will be out, but not sure whether the high-end or the mid range, but anyways the full series would be out max by EOY.
  44. Thank you gkay09. You have been very helpful. I think I'll wait until next year. Do you think AMD will have a better CPU by then? Or maybe cheaper?
  45. ^ Looking at the various news about the future AMD chips, I am sure you can expect better CPUs...As for the pricing, AMD will price it cheaper so as to compete with Intel...
  46. Boomer i chose 4870 over 5770 was because i dont care about directx11 since only few games support dx11 and by the time i upgrade my GPU i will get a dx11 one. it has about 5% performance increase and was cheaper for me i got a great build i saved upto 50 bucks thats why i could afford the Quad COre
  47. Oh sweet! Thanks for the reply. I didn't think about the price. Foolish me. So, I think I'll wait it out for a few months and see where technology and prices take me.
  48. And for games i have tested left 4 dead,GTA Sa and Ace Online no lag at all. i got 100+ FPS on them. super smooth and unextracting stuff is super quick
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