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NVIDIA NVS 3100M 512MB graphics card and triple monitor display

Where do I check to see whether my NVIDIA NVS 3100M 512MB graphics card supports 3 monitors for display.

I have windows 7. It shows the three monitors in the "change resolution" settings. But when I select the 3rd monitor and choose the "extend the desktop" option the 2nd monitor automatically gets deselected.

Appreciate your help!
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  1. Only AMD cards support 3 monitors with only one video card. Nvidia doesn't support this feature. You'll have to buy a second video card to use three of them, or the matrox product tripple head to go.
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    He can''t buy a second video card... hes talking about a laptop.

    There is no way to run 3 outputs... only 2. Whether it be laptop screen plus 1 external, or 2 externals.
  3. Gotcha. In that case the triple head two go is the only option. As a laptop GPU I'm not sure it can game on all three that well.
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  5. I use a separate USB->DVI adapter to get the third screen to my laptop. Works great.
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