Alternative to GA-P55-USB3 LGA 1156 for similar price with sli /xfire?

I'm currently thinkin about going with GA-P55-USB3 LGA 1156 but I was wondering if there was a board in the same price range / quality range but that could support crossfire / sli if I wanted to expand in the future?

I'm currently going with HD5850 but if I wanted to go dual in the future, was thinkin it could be a good option.
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  1. Damn, but unfortunately where i live in Japan, that board is goin for 250 bucks >.<

    Sometimes they are cheaper, sometimes the same, and sometimes you get screwed...

    Generally we don't get any of the awesome rebates in america...
  2. Zip is correct, the Gigabyte board will not SLI/XFire. The board he suggested seems a good idea. If you don't care about USB/SATA III then the board he has linked is a great price and perfect for you.

    For me, the only other choice for board which would also include USB/SATA III would be the Asus P7P55D E Pro. But that is $180

    So it is beyond your price range and likely not worth it to you if you don't need the latest tech.

    Having said that, I would actually purchase a GTX460 1gb card instead of the 5850. The MSI card is only $205 after rebate which is a lot cheaper than the 5850 and is a good performing card. The main reason I recommend it though is because you plan on using a 2 card set up and due to SLI being superior for scaling, the GTX460s paired actually outperform the 5850s.

    Currently my view is - for a single card build go 5850, but if you have a mobo to support SLI/Crossfire, then GTX 460 is a better way to go.

    With the money saved you coul even go with the Asus P7P55D E Pro board if you really wanted to
  3. I am 90% sure that i'll never go dual card, but I wanted to see my options. Unfortunately no rebates apply to me as i don't live in the US, and i'm mainly building this computer for FFXIV / some other random games that don't require as much power as FFXIV so having a good graphics card is important.

    I'll check into that other board though. The only reason I have the GA-P55-USB3 LGA 1156 currently in my build is I hear it's a rock solid board, and I can get it for the same price in Japan as in america.
  4. Usually the prices line up so it doesn't matter. I just ignore the rebates, but in this particular case, that board costs x2.

    And there is little to no resources such as this site in Japan lol
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