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New SSD for new laptop.

So I got my new laptop MSI GX60. I need an SSD to go with it. I am thinking of getting the Samsung 840 (I have the 830 and it's a good drive). Since the 840 is a rather new drive, did anyone of you who has the drive found any problem with it?

I also have some OCZ Vertex 2 and they came with the "My SSD is faster than you HDD" sticker. There isn't any SSD sticker for my 830. Is there a SSD sticker for the 840? I just thought that paying for an SSD should also give me bragging right that I can stick on my laptop :lol:

Edit: according to tweaktown, the drive include SSD sticker in the package. Just want to make sure that's for everyone.
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  1. While I was skeptical for a while, I am now convinced that the 840 is a solid drive, and that the initial firmware issue was just with the pre-production firmware. The 830 is just as good or better unless you get the Pro or a larger drive.

    And unless you get the Pro, keep the sticker in your desk. :)

    My avatar likes to chase your avatar, fortunately she's a little slow and can't catch them. LOL
  2. The 830 is my first choice. It's also a few bucks cheaper than the 840. But my local computer hardware store run out of stock on the 830.

    And no, I'll put it on even if I have the 840 (not pro). I have yet to see a gaming laptop at uni, let alone one with an SSD on it.

    There is this thing going on where the guys I know at uni are like "I have an ultrabook/MBA and I don't have to keep my laptop plugged in."

    My response was (with my old laptop that is), "Your laptop can't run Skyrim on high.", then load up Skyrim.

    Now with the GX60, I'll run Unigine benchmark on ultra and crystal disk mark every tutorial :lol:.

    So yes, SSD sticker is definitely on the laptop.
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    Okay, it sounds like you deserve the sticker! :bounce:
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  5. And you deserve a BA.
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