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Im getting this custom built computer from a Local computer store do you think its a rip off I have a good knowledge in computers iv made like 4 of them home built but this time I dont have the time Im buying a cheap custom built gaming pc here are the specs do u think its decent? for the price

CPU:Intel E5400 2.7Ghz 2MB CACHE 800FSB LGA775


RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3

Motherboard:Asus P5P41T-LE Motherboard ATX


Graphics card: Asus, GTS250 1 GIG

Case: Coolermaster Gladiator RC-600 BLK with 500W PSU

and also for them putting it together in total it costs $710

Also do you guys think the case looks really bad or is it ok or is it even good? :kaola:

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  1. uh, I'd say if you built it you may be able to save 100-200$ but that is their profit... I think you should have a little bit better of a graphics card. As far as gaming is concerned I'd put this at.... medium graphics... give or take a bit. If you want to max everything out, I'd go online, do some research, and find a legit company that you can look at their site to change everything the way you want it, and you could give us your budget and tell us to go wild... We'd figure something out. I assume you have an 800$ budget? I'd save for 1200$ and buy a core i7 920-930, 6 gigs of ram, 5770 (maybe higher if you wait a month after 6000 series comes out.).....

    Now, for the price.... no this isn't good, you should have a Core 2 duo, minimum, you can get a laptop that is better for the same price.
  2. Im on a $750 budget and yeh i agree the cpu isnt that good.
  3. I have to agree with Mr. Pizza, the store price seems excessive. You can get a tri core AMD build with a better GPU for under $500 and that includes decent quality parts. But its up to you, if it is easier for you to find $250 to spend needlessly than it is to find 2hrs to build a PC yourself then go with the premade one.

    But be aware in addition to the $700 you spend now, you will need to replace the mobo/CPU and GPU pretty soon - likely a year or so if gaming is your intention because dual core is already something to avoid, it will only become moreso in future, naturally i you need to replace the CPU you need a new mobo for the new socket The card is old and coming towards the end of its worth so that will need to be repalced especially if you play on a decent monitor.

    Also, don't forget when you replace the CPU and GPU and mobo you may need to replace the PSU though I don't know how good the quality of that one is
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