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  1. i would go for a coolermaster hyper 212+ cpu cooler it is the best cooler price vs performance its just overpriced on newegg you can get it for $30, the psu is way overkill you could het away with a good 500 watt psu, with the money saved i would try to go for an x3 445 and a better mobo, even though it would be pushing your budget a bit, but its worth it
  2. and for the case i would go for an antec 300
  3. considering I have plans for upgrading in the future, should I stick with the 650watt psu? Also what are the disadvantages of my current motherboard and what are the benefits I would get for upgrading the mobo? I looked into the cooler you recommended and it is actually $30 on newegg so I'll probably get that.
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