Help choosing a power supply and case for a Future Sandy Bridge

SO I'm buying up some components to get ready for the release of the sandy bridge and I was looking to find the right power supply and case. I've come to these 2 conclusions. Note: My build will have an i5 2500k and 1 HD 6000 GPU (May add another later on so i want to take that into consideration for the PSU.

PSU: CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power Supply]


I want a ATX FUll Tower (not sure if this case is loud or not I hope not...)

NZXT Phantom PHAN-001BK Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case]

I don;t know munch about cooling and cases so what are your guys thoughts? Any suggestions or changes you would make?
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    Personally, I would go with the low end EVO or Vulcan for it's carrying handle. The other reason is they come with a front mounted fan. Those fans help cool your hardrives, and are the hardest to mount yourself. The other empty fan slots are easier to get to. The other items are flashing lights and noise. The vulcan has a low level orange light, which I like. Bright lights can be anoying at times. And there are no complaints about noise. I prefer less, and will settle for higher temps if necessary. For extra fans, some antecs come with a built in rpm adjuster to keep the noise down. My msi has 2 extra system fan rpm adjustments built into the motherboard bios. I set them at 50% which sounds much quieter. If you want this feature, download the motherboard manual of the board you're interested in before ordering and check the manual for the Hardware monitor section and see if your board has these rpm adjusters in the bios.
  2. Your PSU choice is fine.. Personally though, I'd want to go for modular PSU (something like a XFX 650).. Your case choice is also good as long as you like it..
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