Touching the circuit board on a hard drive

I read that you're not supposed to do this and I was wondering if that only applies with bare fingers (due to oil)? Because I recently received my hard drive for my upcoming rig. It came in a plastic container. While inspecting it I put some pressure on the back of the container enough to cave the plastic in to the point where it touched one of those little black squares (labeled 4R71 on my Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB model HD103SJ) on the circuit board. Keep in mind I didn't put any pressure on it, the plastic just touched it.

I'm a first time builder so this is probably a newbie question but I want to be extra cautious.
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  1. It should be fine, the only way to find out is to install the drive and see if it works
  2. Ok, but I'd like another person's insight on this just to be sure.
  3. It's probably fine. Plug it in a see if it works. How else are you going to tell?
  4. Hi,

    If it doesn't work, just rma as dead on arrival
  5. The issue with touching a circuit board is static electric shock, more so than bodily oils. If its the plastic it came in that touched it, its likely anti static and you have nothing to fear.
  6. As said, you will not know until you try it... worst case RMA it
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